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Assistance with checking, designing, and or tuning your room into a great studio!
My Studio

I custom designed my own studio using a plethora of credible resources ranging from physical books to knowledgeable websites.

Serious math was used in every little detail, down to exact percentages and measurements for equipment placements in the room for effective monitoring. 

More thorough research was done to also select the most proper and the most effective acoustic treatment options for my room. There are dozens of items available, but i only seek and buy the best. Took a lot of time to decide on what to get!

No matter what you're room looks like, i'll make it the best it can be with your budget!
  1. #1: Studio Review
    Once we have all the goals set, we'll schedule a studio review so I can take a look at the space you'd like to turn into a studio. I'll take measurements, examine the room geometry, examine surface textures, and ask anymore questions that may come to mind
  2. #2: Studio Goals
    Before we schedule an in-person meeting for a review of your desired studio space, we'll first have a thorough discussion of what exactly you're aiming to get out of the space.
  3. #3: Calculations & Recommendations
    Once all data has been collected, I'll begin crunching numbers, making room plots for possible acoustic treatment, recommend what acoustic treatment to get, and what changes to the room may need to be done. Once all calculations are made, I'll provide you with a thorough recommendation of what you should do to your space in order to make it an effective studio!
  4. #4: Optional Setup Assistance
    If you'd like further assistance actually gathering and setting up the recommended acoustic treatment, I'd be more more than happy to. It can be a daunting task. I know from experience!


Platinum Offer


  • You'll recieve full acoustic treatment installation assistance
  • You get complete room furnishing adjustment assitance
  • ​Your studio monitors will recieve technical fine tuning for their positioning in the room.

*​Everything Else Included*

Silver Offer


  • I'll outline optimal bass trap, diffusion panel, & studio monitor placement in your room using masking tape.
  • I'll create a list of brand recommendations (based on budget)to get.

Light Offer


  • You'll recieve a printed and or digital document giving the acoustic data of your room, treatment recommendations for your room, and as well as any other modifications that should be done to the room.

​San Antonio, Texas

*I do outcalls as well to surrounding cities in the state of Texas*
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