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Everything a manager and record label offers, but without the headaches...and free coffee
Think of what a record label or manager does... It's a lot of work. Maybe you're not even sure what they do or don't care what they do, and you just want to work on making your music. Perhaps you're lacking the equipment to make a song, or need help finishing your song. As long as you got voice, a head full of lyrics, a history with music, or a burn for a shot in the music industry, look no further. I was in your shoes once.


I offer all the services a record label and manager offers, just all in one. It beats sitting in a college classrom learning about calculus or how to write an essay that i already learned how to write in high school (passed both classes with an A+, FYI). I'm also multigenre, so if you're a pop singer, a country singer, a rapper, or anything else under the sun, i'm still open to work together.

 Below is a complete list of what i offer and can even help you with if you're already several steps into your own song production.
If you're not in the reading spirit, here's the shortened list: 
  • Song Conceptualizing
  • Recording (Vocals)
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Music Video Production
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Publishing & Digitial Store Placement
  • Consultation
  • & more! (demo/EP creation)

My only catch is you have to pitch in your effort too. Being indepent means you have to hustle. People will admire that.

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Song Conceptualizing

Whether you have lyrics, but not the melody, or if you have the melody, but not the lyrics, we'll sit down to create something amazing.

Even if you don't have either of those, but have that amazing voice, we'll definitely work something out!

There are plenty of melodies i have just waiting for a voice to join them!


Once all the lyrics are just the way you'd like them, you'll be sat down in the soundbooth to record your vocals for the track.

We'll record however many times you'd like until you're fully saisfied with the recording at no extra cost as a part of our collaboration. Vocal enhancements and auto-tune can be applied post production.

Mixing & Mastering

Mixing and Mastering is done in house at no extra cost as a part of our collaboration!

I've tested other mixing and mastering services myself and was very upset to discover that my mixing and mastering sounded identical to theirs! that was such a waste of money, so i concluded to mix and master my own work and others.

I've spent over 2 years mixing and mastering and have read extensive books on effective mixing and mastering.

Music Video Production

Once we at least have the mixing and mastering going, we'll sit down to talk about the music video in full detail and start filming as soon as possible. 

I strive for outsanding video quality content, so all footage is shot in 4K. There is no special film crew around, and all filming is done completely independant. This is a much stronger approach since people will be, and have been, amazed at what a small group of people can do.

Check out the most recent music video i produced here . I shot all the footage, edited all the content, added all the effects, and all with 1 camera.

Marketing & Advertising

Once the song has been sent to all digital stores for placement and filming for the music video has been completed, i'll design graphics and banners to be placed on every social media platform the both of us own to effectively announce the upcoming release.

Advertising on Facebook will also be done.

Teamwork is very key here!

Distribution &  Digital Store Placement

The song or album will be sent to over 150+ online stores including all major streaming services via a third party distribution service. 

An appearance on a local morning news show is also possible. I managed to get a recent singer to appear on Good Morning San Antonio (GMSA).

Image on the left is the singer LIVE on GMSA. 


I'll provide you with plenty of information and guidlines to follow, based on statistics gathered from multiple websites, about what to post, when to post, and where to post what on social media besides what you already do!

This is to ensure you're getting the maximum social media exposure and interested people! 
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Current Singers / Song Writers / Musicians I'm Producing
Simply Aristotle
Singer / Song Writer
Talented Aristotle has a wide vocal range from rock to pop. We're currently in production for 3 songs and counting!
3rd Image
Singer / Song Writer 
3rd Image sets to enter the scene with a mysterious vibe to attract your curiosity. He makes his pieces in the genre of R&B and Soul. 
Demi Liontari
Singer / Song Writer
Demi is a very talented singer with a wide range of vocal possibilities. She's a Marine, has sung for large crowds, and performs locally when she can.
Musician / Song Writer / Rapper
Zach is a full on musician making at least one melody a day and writing lyrics to accompany them. He raps his own pieces and sings on some of his tracks.
A future grammy award in your hand is my goal.