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FL Studio Training

Providing you the skills you need to work with FL Studio to achieve outstanding creations.
FL Studio
First of All: FL Studio is a great place to get started
Used by many succesful producers all over the world, FL Studio provides the user with powerful creative and visual tools to make an amazing song. 


Training would be a 3 step process starting from the basic level, through the intermediate level, and into the advanced training level. I currently own the Signature edition of FL Studio, so there won't be an edition crossover issue even if you're wanting to get started with the Demo version of FL Studio.

Basic Level:
  • Moving through the DAW
  • DAW menu, buttons, & settings
  • MIDI setup & compatibility
  • Creating/Removing folders
  • DAW customization
  • More info when enrolled...

Intermediate Level:
  • Downloading & Installing Plugins
  • All Panel Review
  • Plugin Search
  • Automation
  • Loading/Using samples
  • FL Studio starter plugins
  • More info when enrolled...

Advanced Level:
  • ​3rd party pllugin compatibility
  • ​Rendering Settings
  • File formats
  • Limiting
  • More info when enrolled...

What's Included
  1. Optional 1 on 1 Training
    No distractions, no large class rooms, and no being afraid of asking a question in front of others. If you want that 1 on 1 training, I offer it!
  2. Post-Training Guidance
    Hit some technical or creative snag even after training? No worries. I'll be accessible to assist any time you'll need me!
  3. Mobile Training
    With the modern hectic lifestyle and the headaches of traffic, mobility is so important in our culture. You decide where you want to learn!


How long will all the training take?

How long does a training session last?

What times can i schedule training sessions?

Training completion is entirely dependant on how often you're liking to meet and if there is more than one other party member involved for the training session curriculumn. 
Training sessions can range from an hour to two hours.
Training session times are highly dependant on your schedule. We'll definitely work something out that fits your schedule.

Are you listed as a trainer by ImageLine?

What is your experience with FL Studio

Why FL Studio?

I am listed as a recognized trainer with Image-Line for FL Studio. Visit my location on their trainer list page here
FL Studio provides such a dynamic experience both visually and technically. So many visual customizations featured in this DAW not only makes everything look spectacular, but it helps  with organization.
I've been using FL Studio for the past two and a half years and counting.

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