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Mission Statement
  It has become my life goal, dream, and passion to do more in this world than just sit behind a desk, working an 8-5 job, Monday to Friday, on rudimentary IT related tasks for the rest of my life. My life's mission statement and my mission statement as a music producer, musician, and DJ is to achieve a level of such status and influence to where I’m able to create 2 global foundations solely based for providing complete financial coverage  for the sick, and especially the dying. Whether the patient needs a lifesaving drug that's too expensive or a much needed medical procedure to stop or prevent a disease/cancer/illness, etc, I pray that, through the organization i wish to start, I’m more than able to cover all their expenses and medical costs without any thought for a payment in return. My soul goes out to those diagnosed with cancer and especially to those whom have been placed into hospice care.   


Complete Cancer/Hospice Care Financial Coverage Foundations

Help Produce Future Grammy Award Winners

"With the amount of influence I’d acquire through the music i create and share with the world, i pray that i'm able to start 2 national, if not international, foundations aimed to fully cover and pay for all medical expenses for those going through cancer or hospice care who need money for medication, procedures, and other expensive needs."
"For one thing is certain, is this...Music is what i'm married to, and with this bond will come years and years of experience on every level of the music industry. From all the technical aspects of production, to even the melody development of a song, i'll send a singer to Madison Square Garden one way or another!" 

10 Succesful Singers Produced

Grammy Award

"From humble beginnings, I’ll give chances to those like i never had starting out in music, or what the record labels and A&M reps never gave them, an opportunity at reaching the biggest stages on earth. 
"Out of all of the songs I produce and create throughout the years to come, I pray and seek a Grammy award so that I could inspire those whom have decided to take path of music themselves, setting high ambitions and goals as I did." 
I remember walking into the same hospital where i was born and passing by this one very dark room with only a small night light casting shadows about the inside. I could remember hearing sounds of deep cries as i walked past this one particular room. Her sobs shook me to the core. I saw her hands covering her face. She was alone, and sobbing in the darkness. She had tubes coming from several parts of her body. Each whimper and cry of sorrow made me feel such sadness for her, and still does to this very moment as i think about it and recall those sounds. No one was there to comfort her. No one was there to support her. No one was there to tell her that everything was going to be alright, and that someone was there for her to hold her hand and offer her some comfort through her situation. I wanted to walk inside that room so badly to take a seat right by her side and to do anything i could in my God given ability to make her feel better. To at least give her company when she seemed to have no one there for her. I unfortunately couldn’t do that at the time since i was originally there to visit my ill great grandmother and was also many years younger at the time and was not daring enough. I regret not taking those steps into that dark room to accompany her, just as i regret knowing my great grandmother had died alone on a night that i could have been there for her.